From Outllok to Gmail rules export


Tool to export email rules from Outlook to Gmail

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Outlook Rules Export To Gmail

  • Simple tool to export rules from Outlook and import them into Google Gmail as filters
  • Tested on Win7 64bit, Win8 64bit & Outlook 2013, 2010 but it should work on 2007
  • It also outputs rules in CSV to the command line so you can script it if you want



  • Run the tool from the command line;
    • OutlookRulesExport.exe
    • This will create a rules.xml file in the current directory containing the rules
    • You might get a warning from outlook asking you to allow access, if so click ok.
  • Log into Gmail
  • Enable gmail filters import in Gmail
    • Setting -> Labs enable „Filter import/export“ and click save changes
  • Backup your existing Gmail filters
    • Settings -> Filters -> „Select All“ -> „Export“
  • Import the rules as Gmail filters
    • Settings -> Filters click „Import Filters“ and import rules.xml
    • Importing existing filters into gmail is handled gracefully, no duplicate filters should be created, but its always a good idea to backup your filters

Supported Rule Types

  • The tool currently only works for the following types of rules (will add support for other types of rules as i need them or as requested)
    • Condition: „From Address“ Actions: „Move-To-Folder | Copy-To-Folder“
    • Condition: „Subject Contains“ Actions: „Move-To-Folder | Copy-To-Folder“
    • Condition: „Body Contains“ Actions: „Move-To-Folder | Copy-To-Folder“


  • This is a rewrite of the project from ruby and vb to c#
  • Thanks to iloveitaly (Michael Bianco) for his work figuring out the various ways Outlook stores its rules
From Outllok to Gmail rules export