Psaní diakritiky v MS Office a WINE

I have solved it. There are two actions to apply:

  1. Solves the problem when you launch the application and then open the file.

    • To do so, follow ingasvist’s user instuctions: go to Playonlinux, select Office program (Word, Excel, …), go to Configure (do not get confused by „Configure Wine“), go to the Miscellaneous tab, and in the Command to exec before run textbox, enter: XMODIFIERS="". That solved it. Keep the keyboard entry method on IBus. Repeat for other office links.
  2. Solves the problem when you want to open directly the file from your file browser.

    • Go to the files located at ~/.local/share/applications. Use a text editor to modify Office launcher files and look for the line which begins like Exec=.... Modify this line by adding env XMODIFIERS="" to it. This is what mine looks like now:

      Exec= env XMODIFIERS="" /usr/share/playonlinux/playonlinux --run "Microsoft Word 2010" %F  
  3. Codeweavers problem:

    Accented Characters do not work

    with thanks to Eduardo Coelho who posted this solution to our forums.

    Accent characters do not work in applications run via CrossOver but work in native applications like Open Office. These characters include but are not limited to:

          è ñ ê é á

    This is not a regression. It is a new behavior for ibus introduced with Ubuntu 14.04.

    with thanks to Ludovic for assistance in testing and refining these solutions
    In terminal, launch the application with an environment variable that turns ibus modifiers off. Give the command:

    XMODIFIERS=“@im-none“ /opt/cxoffice/bin/wine –bottle $BOTTLENAME –cx-app $EXECUTABLE.exe
    For Microsoft Word, the command would be:

    XMODIFIERS=“@im-none“ /opt/cxoffice/bin/wine –bottle Microsoft_Office_2007 –cx-app winword.exe
    For Microsoft Outlook, a more defined command is needed:

    XMODIFIERS=““ /opt/cxoffice/bin/wine –bottle Microsoft_Office_2007 –cx-app outlook.exe &


    It is possible to modify the launcher for each individual application to reflect the above. The launchers are located at:

    Open the specific launcher with a text editor, is should look like this:
    #!/bin/sh exec „/opt/cxoffice/bin/wine“ –bottle „Microsoft_Office_2007“ –check –wait-children –start „C:/users/crossover/Start Menu/Programs/Microsoft Office/Microsoft Outlook 2007.lnk“ „$@“

    Modify it to look like this:
    #!/bin/sh XMODIFIERS=““ exec „/opt/cxoffice/bin/wine“ –bottle „Microsoft_Office_2007“ –check –wait-children –start „C:/users/crossover/Start Menu/Programs/Microsoft Office/Microsoft Office Outlook 2007.lnk“ „$@“

    We are researching a better solution. For reference, this is bug number 11871. The new behavior of ibus is noted on Launchpad as issue 1278569 .

Psaní diakritiky v MS Office a WINE