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How to restore LightDM settings?

I’ve been playing with some of the settings on simple LightDM manager, and I’m not really sure I like what I’ve done. I’ve uninstalled LightDM manager but settings remains.

How can I restore LightDM settings to their defaults?

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4 Answers

I’ve had a look at this issue and it looks like simple-lightdm-manager affects one file called unity-greeter.conf.

  1. Lets start by opening up a terminal, start typing „terminal“ in your unity dash to see the option or press ctrl+alt+t

  2. Lets go to the correct directory:

    cd /etc/lightdm 
  3. Now lets make a backup of the file before we make any changes:

    sudo cp unity-greeter.conf unity-greeter.conf.bak  
  4. Now we need to open up this file and see whats changed, type/copy this:

    sudo gedit /etc/lightdm/unity-greeter.conf 

    The file should look like below, but I’m guessing your background and logo lines will look different:

    # # background = Background file to use, either an image path or a color (e.g. #772953) # logo = Logo file to use # theme-name = GTK+ theme to use # font-name = Font to use # xft-antialias = Whether to antialias Xft fonts (true or false) # xft-dpi = Resolution for Xft in dots per inch (e.g. 96) # xft-hintstyle = What degree of hinting to use (hintnone, hintslight, hintmedium, or hintfull) # xft-rgba = Type of subpixel antialiasing (none, rgb, bgr, vrgb or vbgr) # [greeter] background=/usr/share/backgrounds/warty-final-ubuntu.png logo=/usr/share/unity-greeter/logo.png theme-name=Ambiance icon-theme-name=ubuntu-mono-dark font-name=Ubuntu 11 xft-antialias=true xft-dpi=96 xft-hintstyle=hintslight xft-rgba=rgb 
  5. Now either replace everything in your file with the code above, or replace the background and logo lines with the ones above. Then save and log out.

Be careful not to add anything else to this file it could cause adverse effects to your log in screen or even prevent you from logging in

The code above is the default file that loads with a fresh install of Ubuntu 11.10.

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Hi, I try to open unity-greeten.conf sudo gedit /etc/lightdm/unity-greeter.conf but it blank page in gedit. I have problem with login/out in Ubuntu 12.04. alway show this message: Your system is running in low-graphics mode. how to fix it? –  Fanoy Jul 21 ’12 at 23:07
The file above worked well in Ubuntu 11.10, I haven’t tried it in 12.04. But the blank page you see is because the file doesn’t exist in 12.04. Your „System is running in low-graphics mode“ is probably best to ask another question! good luck. –  captain_G Aug 26 ’12 at 21:10

I had a problem with my box getting stuck at the Ubuntu logo. Hitting Alt+F1 took me to a prompt where I ran sudo apt-get --purge remove lightdm gdm — I’m using gnome, not Unity. Be careful with this — watch what else Ubuntu wants to remove.

In my case, Ubuntu removed gnome-core.

After it was done, I ran sudo apt-get install gnome which brought back gdm, gnome-core, etc with default configs. A reboot gave me back gdm and no longer was I stuck at the Ubuntu logo on boot.

Be careful with apt-get –purge remove!

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I am not sure how this answers the question „How to restore LightDM settings?“ Care to explain? –  jokerdino Sep 4 ’12 at 4:36
with --purge, Ubuntu is deleting settings — then with a re-install, you’d get the original settings back. In my case, i didn’t want lightdm but rather gdm — but it’s the same principle for all Aptitude packages. –  Beshoy Girgis Sep 14 ’12 at 2:27

sudo apt-get -o Dpkg::Options::="--force-confnew" install --reinstall lightdm will do it for you.



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